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13+ Common Entrance & Pre Test

13+ are crucial school years for teens who aims to access best colleges/A Level courses which  will in turn allow them to pass entrance exams to the best UK universities such as Oxbridge and Russell Group Universities.

Our record speaks for itself. The Premium Tutors have helped hundreds of children secure admission to the most competitive independent schools, often at scholarship level.

Every year we tutor pupils for sixth form entrance to Westminster, St Paul’s Boys, St Paul’s Girls, Eton, Harrow, Winchester, Charterhouse, Wellington, Sevenoaks, Uppingham, Oundle, Marlborough, Kings Canterbury, St Mary’s Calne, Wycombe Abbey, Cheltenham Ladies College, Bedales, Bryanston, Gordonstoun.

Common Entrance (11+ or 13+) is the exam taken by students  aiming to secure a place at independent secondary schools. The candidates generally sit the exams at their junior school  and then the papers are sent to the senior school which they are applying to.The papers are set by the ISEB but each senior school sets its own pass mark and also marks the papers.Some students choose to sit the ISEB Scholarship papers and some sit the Scholarship papers set by individual schools.These papers are harder than normal Common Entrance papers but can lead to financially assisted places.Our Common Entrance language exams expertise will give your child(ren) also the best chance of passing the language exams for the top secondary UK schools.

Children who have received private tuition through Premium Tutors have successfully gained places at Eton, Westminster, St. Paul’s, Winchester and many other illustrious UK schools.

A number of select schools set a pre-assessment exam in Year 6 or Year 7, so it’s vital to register your child early (often in Year 4) and to plan ahead.

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