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Generally a student in England will take three or four A-Levels at school between the ages of 16 and 18 in order to secure a place at university. They are divided into two parts: AS and A2.
The AS exams are normally taken at the end of the first year and the A2 exams at the end of the second.
A-Levels are now modular and usually comprise either six or four units (or modules); in most subjects there are three modules in AS, and three in A2. There is, however, a great deal of flexibility as to when and how many times a module may be taken.
Spanish,Italian,German and French A Levels are widely common along with other languages.

We are able to provide our students with the school exam papers from the exam board relevant to the exam that the student is sitting We are able to provide this service as we are in contact with most of best UK colleges providing A Levels.

Our graduates tutors have been helping our students to pass languages A Level exams working carefully on each four key skills, writing, reading, listening and speaking, thanks to both their strong academic achievements at Bachelor Degree and Post Graduate Certificate level. Regarding our language A Levels tuitions, they are provided by our tutors specialised in languages, who are also native speaker, an important aspect which enables them to be thoroughly helpful especially with the speaking module.

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