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As you will know, next year the 11+ exam is due to change. Educators’ and teachers’ general predictions about future students’ performance are quite negative due to the radical changes of the exam itself. Below are some advises we are happy  to give about the Verbal Reasoning test. As this exam involves the testing of several skills, from logic problems to number equations, here are some ways to train you prior to attending the exam:
1.Focus on reading the question carefully to understand what  it is actually asking, not what you expect .

2. Learn vocabulary consulting a dictionary, any unfamiliar word you may meet in order to enrich your vocabulary and reuse it at the exam and gain higher marks!

3. After reading the question, think carefully about which may be the correct answer prior to give it.

4. Focus on main parts of the question to find out which is the relevant information asked .

5. Read again each question before considering your reply to be correct: If you have been reading carefully, you might have seen this tip already!education6