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English tutor

Our English GCSE tutors as well as English A Level tutors help students focus on past exam papers and answer models as well as providing exam materials and techniques that will help them answer English GCSE exam questions clearly and concisely.

Good English skills are essential in everyday life. Whether we are socialising or working we all use English every day. English is the core of most professions and as such a good pass at A-Level or GCSE can be the gateway to many high powered jobs. Students of A-Level English are expected to read poetry, novels and plays before using their analytical and argumentative skills to write coursework essays and exam papers about the literature. The subject can be taken in conjunction with virtually any other A-Level but many students combine it with other subjects such as Politics, Psychology and additional languages.

As Maths and Science, English GCSE and A Level is a pre-requisite for university admission to a number of universities; so, in many ways, success at GCSE is as important as it is at A-Level.

The biggest change since 2013 is that students take all assessment at the end of their course only and will not, as previously, take any modules before this.
There will be limited opportunities to retake exams. English and maths can be retaken in November but all other subjects can only be retaken the following summer. This increases the pressure on students and that stress can play through to performance.
It means a student needs to be very organised, secure in their knowledge, skills and understanding, and have a solid revision programme to prepare for their final exams.
The volume of work that is presented to English GCSE students is substantial.Therefore the key to success is often exam preparation and organisation.

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