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Pre School & 4+ exam

We offer Pre School Tuition & 4+ Exam Preparation in the main National Curriculum subjects including languages (French, German, Spanish, Italian) and others upon request.

The first day at school is always daunting and we are here to fully prepare your child for the experience.Our well matched tutor will be there to build his/her confidence engaging your child in the language subject, stimulating his/her interest in the topic and encouraging him/her.

The main reasons why families ask our tutors’ help for Pre School Language Tuitions and Preparation:
1.To pass 4+ language exams, required by highly demanded schools. As we are aware of their programmes and entry exam papers, we are able to provide tailored tuitions in order to make your child impress and gain a place at these specific schools, easily overcoming the difficulties of learning any particular subject thanks to the help of our academic tutors;
2.If English is not your native language;
3.If your child seems not to be interested in learning a linguistic subject.

For further information or to book a tutor please contact us on 020-75599726 or email us to